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Website automation is disabled at the moment but service is working fine please read below thanks 
We now send out invoices for customers so please send inquiries to and will send invoice you,this could take up to a maximum of 24 hours,SO don’t wait till the last minute so you don’t lose service thanks 
We are experiencing issues with paypal so as of now all recurring will  be discontinued and just know your service is working fine until the expiration date,So to get service again please send email to this email or join telegram support group,If you have received a invoice please pay and and then we will send a new username and password sorry for the inconvenience.AND we also have our backup service at this website and its all automated also it is different but just as good if not better go to maintenance as in power off modem,router and device for 5 minutes then restart to clear your cache please join our telegram support please join our telegram support group. New filinked 20034847 NEW FILELINKED 20034847 old filelinked 79198948. They both work,Please join our telegram support group link is bottom left corner please join telegram group,enjoy and thanks 


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